Electric fencing specialists Johannesburg


We offer a range of electrified fencing solutions that can be used independently or with any of our fencing ranges. Our electrified fencing division offers our clients a ONE STOP SHOP supplier for all their fencing needs.

We have over 900 sites in operation ranging from private households, industrial sites to cluster and townhouse developments.

Our company offers a full maintenance and backup service to all our installations. We feel this is extremely important in this field and is often overlooked by users who deal with new or small companies who lack the infrastructure to support the installations once they are operational.

  • Eagle systems
  • Merlin systems
  • Gallagher systems
  • Stafix systems
  • Wizard systems


Electrified Fencing Applications

  • Free standing industrial agricultural fences
  • Piggy-backed fences
  • Wall-top fences
  • Monitored zoned systems
  • Solar powered energiser systems
  • Radio linked systems
  • Zoned fibre optic systems
  • Mimic panel zoned systems