Upholding our FM Trust Commitment

Our Social Responsibility Projects are guided by our belief in continuously striving towards sustainability through the balance of the economic, environmental and social needs of our community in which we and our main asset - our people - operate.

We are aware that every decision we make has consequences which effect the economic viability of our company. This in turn affects the economic stability of the staff we employ and their families who rely on us for their economic well-being. This means that we will always fully comply with the laws, rules and regulations of our country and make any economic decisions responsibly within ethical business practices.

Health, Safety and Environment
Fencing Materials endorses the principle that the quality of products and services, consistency of production and workers’ morale are enhanced by a safe and healthy work environment. We apply this principle to the way we design and manufacture our products, deliver our services; manage our resources and manage waste.

Our commitment to the social upliftment of our community is visible in our contributions of financial, equipment and volunteer support to various organizations. Where feasible, we support programs that encourage and inspire our employees by support initiatives that are important to our employees.

Abraham Kriel Home Johannesburg Junior Town Council/Woodrock Animal Shelter
Fencing Materials sponsored the fencing for the dog pens at the Walk for Woodrock Event at Ullman Park in May 2016 organised by the Johannesburg Junior Town Council
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Abraham Kriel Home Abraham Kriel Home
Fencing Materials contributes towards the maintenance and developmentof the Abraham Kriel Childcare Centre home in Paarlshoop, Johannesburg
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www. abrahamkriel.org

South African Guide Dogs AsociationSouth African Guide Dogs Asociation
Fencing Materials contributes towards the maintenance and developmentof the SA Guide Dogs Association
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CHOCChildhood Cancer Doundation South Africa
Fencing Materials contributes towards CHOC South Africa


Bakerton Primary School Computer CentreBakerton Primary School Computer Centre
Fencing Materials contributed towards the development of the school's computer centre
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Boy's & Girls TownGirl's & Boy's Town South Africa
Fencing Materials contributes towards Boys' Town and Girls' Town


Nelson Mandela Children's FundNelson Mandela Children's Fund
Fencing Materials regularly supports this pioneering non-profit organization
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The Roodepoort United Football ClubThe Roodepoort United Football Club
Fencing Materials has been supporting the Roodepoort Football Club since 1995
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